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During the period of the dance club "Pink Panther" I wanted to join AIBES (Italian Association of Barman and Supporters - and in my opinion - the most important and historic Italian association of professional bartenders). I needed the presentation signatures and I learned that at the AGIP bar in Acqui Terme, the town where I worked, Mr. Rapetti, known and well-known Chief bartender of the Milan section, worked. I introduced myself, pointing out my request and if it was possible.
Rapetti was silent for a moment, he did not know me and was rightly doubtful.
Then he asked: ¨ ... where do you work? ¨. When I answered, his face, first doubtful, relaxed and with the added tranquility ¨ ... then if you work with Piero and Guido there are no problems¨.
However, I did not sign up at the time as other factors intervened. I followed my professional career by making myself known with my work.
When the Pantera experience ended I moved to a nearby nightclub where my field references were already known. I stayed there for a year too, to my great satisfaction and I also think of the owner. Piero too.
At the DIVA disco -this was the name of the club- I met Nino Perrone. We worked shoulder to shoulder for a year and today, after thirty years, he is a very dear friend. He also held the position of National President of A.I.B.E.S. for some time. for me the most important and historic association of Italian professional bartenders. Really heartfelt congratulations!

Evolution of my working life in pictures

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