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With this name we mean the juices extracted from fruit and also herbs reduced by boiling and cooking with the addition of sugar and possible coloring to make them more similar to the original color of the product itself and therefore more palatable for consumption. They are used by the barman above all as sweeteners and dyes in mixing but they can also be non-alcoholic thirst-quenching drinks if diluted with still, sparkling or seltz water, depending on the customer's request. They are served in large tumblers with ice, straws and if possible the garnish of the fruit or vegetable from which they originate.
Nowadays the specialized companies present a great variety of syrups and you can indulge yourself in choosing the flavors but the fundamental for the preparation of classic cocktails remain the syrup of grenadine (pomegranate), barley (almond), strawberry, peach, raspberry, cherry.

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