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Fizzy drinks without alcohol.


This term refers to refreshing drinks, without alcohol, packaged in cans or bottles to which carbonic acid has been added and flavoring of fruit or citrus extracts. They are served cold at 6 - 8 degrees with the addition of ice in tumbler glasses.
Coca cola, refreshing drink served plain or with ice, with or without 1/2 slice of lemon (better) or orange (if you like), excellent for diluting Rum, Gin, Whiskey etc. One of the ingredients that makes up the recipe is the coca leaf appropriately deprived of the hallucinogenic component.
Canada dry and ginger ale. the main flavoring is ginger, suitable for diluting whiskey and in particular Bourbon. It works well in addition to many types of ling drinks, high-balls and coolers.
Tonic water, bitter sweet drink flavored with quinine peel and carbonic acid. Refreshing drink that should always be served with half a slice of lemon and excellent for diluting gin (gin & tonic) or vodka (vodka & tonic) and many other long drinks.
Gassosa and Sevenup, carbonated drinks with the addition of citric acid and sweetener, also suitable for diluting mixed drinks or consumed naturally.
There are many other types of these drinks flavored with orange and lemon, with berries etc. on the market.
The same family of drinks also includes non-carbonated ones such as various iced teas and energy and invigorating drinks such as Red Bull, Aquarius and many others.

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