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Now it was I who had to manage myself; in the behavior, in the accounts, in the choices to be made in terms of management, in the immediate resolution of small (fortunately) problems with customers, which arose from time to time. But it was important to show, especially to myself that the years in the ranks had served something. It was not at all easy for the first six months, with all the debts made and the place empty, to choose not to let in some people who would have been harmful to the peace and tranquility that I wanted to create as an image of the place.
Little by little the normal people began to enter and as was right they also began to praise and criticize. I had chosen to put myself on a stage and had to accept everything. I could not escape the judgment of a much desired audience.
As a young man I had drunk and tried almost everything, sometimes exaggerating. Now it was important for me to teach young customers the right approach to alcohol and more experienced customers to offer impeccable service and top quality in a comfortable environment like the living room.
I had also imposed rules on myself that, in order to be consistent with myself, I had to enforce customers. Years go by and people's way of thinking also changes.
After twelve years of difficulties, satisfactions, exciting moments and moving moments, I had to close the place for reasons of noise and this made me enter a depression that perhaps I have not yet fully absorbed. To start from scratch in a place where you know habits and customs, I preferred to move to another place. For almost ten years I have lived in Spain, in a town on the Andalusian coast which has given me many new inputs and helped to partially overcome the blow.

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