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I was born and raised in one of the many honest peasant families that populate the countryside on the hills of Monferrato, in Piedmont. Childhood I can say happy, with parents who pamper and punish you, all at the right time. You begin to treasure the teachings, to understand the difference between good and evil and in the meantime you continue to form yourself. The first responsibilities arrive; the school. You behave well because parents like you to bring home some good report cards. The certainties; parents give you certainties and you realize that you have a safe harbor where to dock in case of rough seas. Adolescence arrives, the critical age (today I can say -more for parents than for children-), the age of discussions, misunderstandings, first loves. What a confusion adolescence !! Then comes the mourning in the family, serious, heavy. It has happened to many, unfortunately for the others I was not the only one to suffer the separation from their father. But besides the family pain, another thing has created bewilderment in me. The certainties and certainties given and taught to me had vanished. Everything called into question. It was about rebuilding those certainties, but now it was I who had to do it. It was I who had to build my own mental path, but I understood this years later. These are the years in which it is convenient to say that no one can understand you, the rule was seize the moment, of tomorrow there is no certainty. The last years of the Institute; fake-goliardic albeit so sad with the enormous exaggerations of alcohol and tobacco to stun you a little and try to escape from that unwanted and oppressive reality. Result: all week, scholar, worker, manager. Weekend: stunned. It was not a beautiful picture for my mother, a mother that so many envied me. Comprehensive, modern, with an extreme availability towards me, wise. Unfortunately on my part, for several years, these gifts were badly reciprocated. Only later did I understand, even here, the mistakes. During the days of the week when I was in charge, being a farmer, in my twenties, cultivating vineyards and making quality wine for the family's ten-year clients to carry on my father's work, was not bad at all. But something was missing; something that at that age, with youthful ideals, good feelings and the desire to change the world, prompted me to look for a second job. After a few tests at the PRO-LOCO counter of drinks and ice creams in the township I was ready for the big jump of a job at the restaurant as an extra. One Sunday some friends told me if I wanted to go to the restaurant with them, I couldn't and I replied that I would join them for coffee. I showed up around half past two and, while I was there, I asked the owner if he needed a waiter. Paolo replied asking me if I knew how to do something. My impetus was a NO but just as impetus I also said that I had a great desire to learn. I also asked if the coffees he was making were for my friends. To his affirmative answer, I stole his tray and walking towards the diners' room, I added: "... you can see if by serving these coffees to my friends I have the grace enough to be a waiter or not." When I returned from the salon where there were other diners the owner told me that I would have to show up the following Sunday for a wedding and work as an extra. The worry was strong and with the satisfaction of having obtained the first engagement I could not even breathe. I was literally terrified of not knowing how to do anything but thinking back to the moment of my entry into that room, with the tray of coffees, and with several tables occupied by people strange to see me; I literally felt "enjoyed" in what was happening. The following Sunday I showed up at the appointed time, completely numb with the fear of making a mistake, some presentations with the "experts" and then ... to learn. The guests arrived, everyone gave me orders, I was a bit dazed but I liked it. Aperitifs, photos, all seated: ready-go! Paolo, the owner, at that moment gave me a serving tray, a spoon and a fork in his hand and exclaimed: " as the others do !!" Beautiful ... terrible ... day. The beginning.

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