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Fruit and citrus juices play an important role in the bar world, whether they are served plain or used in combination with other ingredients for the preparation of mixed drinks. Sometimes, the lack of care of these juices determines the poor result in the preparation of mixed drinks. They should always be prepared at the moment but sometimes the progress of the work requires their preparation in advance. Especially in the warm seasons they should be consumed in a short time and not exposed to heat. They must be mixed before use as the aqueous part separates very quickly. In addition to their natural service, fruit and citrus juices are widely used to be mixed with liqueurs and spirits for cocktails and long drinks which will then be extended with sodas or seltz. With little care it is also possible to ruin important spirits and obtain a negative result with the service of the cocktails prepared in this way. So be careful !!.

Oranges and lemons, the squeezing must be soft, the inner part of the peel, the white one can bring a bitter component to the juice by changing the flavor a little. When used in blends, it is always good to filter them. They can be served straight as a thirst-quenching drink and / or extended with sparkling water. Lemon juice is also occasionally requested hot, it must be accompanied with water on the side, a lundo teaspoon and sugar.
Grapefruit, very pleasant for its bitter dominant, has excellent dietary qualities but for blends it is preferable to use the packaged one.
Lime, a wonderful citrus fruit for the preparation of cocktails, especially Daiquiri and Mojito. Towards the eighties it was difficult to find this citrus fruit that came from Central and South America even if its homelands of origin are Malaysia and India. Today the trade has intensified to such an extent that they can be found in greengrocers and supermarkets.
Pineapple, it is always good to use the packaged one, preparing the juice with the centrifuge would increase the costs too much. As soon as it is opened, the carton must be used quickly enough, it is easy to ferment.
Tomato juice, used mainly for Bloody Mary or alone as an aperitif, seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon. Other ingredients such as Angostura, Tabasco or Worcestersauce are at the discretion of the customer.
Unfermented apple juice and grape juice are not so much used in Italy but a lot in the Nordic countries and also in Spain.
I'm not talking about the other juices which are also quite common as I guess they know each other well.

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