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Alexander is a cocktail that appears already in the first guides of the early 1900s, but for this reason there are many hypotheses related to the origin of this drink.
The first recipe books that certify the preparation of a cocktail called "Alexander" are the "Jackʼs Manual" written by JA Grohusko in 1910, and the "Straub's manual of mixed drinks" of 1913, but the recipe, totally different, provided for the use of rye whiskey and Bénédictine. The current recipe called by its current name appears for the first time in the text "New bartender's guide" written by Charles S. Mahoney and Harry Montague in 1914.
A less accredited legend states that the cocktail was created by Troy Alexander, bartender at Rector's restaurant in New York in the early 1900s, to celebrate the success of the Delaware advertising campaign, Lackawanna and Western Railroad: based on the mascot's white dress , Phoebe Snow, created a cocktail based on milk cream. At the same time, in England, a similar cocktail was created, but named differently: created in London in 1922 by Henry Mc Elhone at "Ciro's Club", the cocktail was dedicated to the marriage between Princess Mary and Count Henry Lascelles.



ALEXANDER - IBA OFFICIAL RECIPE and VIDEO of my personal preparation.



After Dinner Cocktail

Alexander fotoA

  • 3 cl Brandy o cognac

  • 3 cl Créme de Cacao (brown)

  • 3 cl Fresh cream

If the video can clarify any doubts, offer me an aperitif, I would be grateful! Thanks 😉

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