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 Champagne cocktail

foto cocktail champagne

On this page I present this cocktail which, although quite simple in preparation, is an aperitif that I define as "classy". There is not a lot of history but it is from the early 1900s that there are data relating to the 30s, it seems, from a competition between journalists, of which a certain Dougherty was the winner. Champagne lends itself to many preparations and many performances. As a product alone it is amazing as satisfactions for the palate but it lends itself to multiple uses and all with surprising results.

The official IBA recipe is already very tasty and it is this:

Sparkling Cocktail

9 cl Chilled Champagne

1 cl Cognac

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

1 sugar cube

Add dash of Angostura bitter onto sugar cube and drop it into champagne flute. Add cognac followed by pouring gently chilled champagne.

Garnish with orange slice and maraschino cherry.


.... however I prepare this mix in a different shape, I have had many teachings, I have read a lot and this recipe satisfies me in a particular shape. Watch the video and let me know, after trying it, what you think.


If you liked it, buy me a drink, to entice me to prepare more videos for you. I would be grateful !!😉

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