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I don't know much about this cocktail to be able to write but one fact is certain, it is known and therefore it is often requested. As I also say in the video, this blend began to be in demand when, years ago, the first series of SEX IN THE CITY arrived in Italy where the protagonists gathered at the bar sipping this cocktail as well as SEX ON THE BEACH. On the palate it is well balanced and not too alcoholic, for an evening with friends (as in the television series) but personally the taste does not satisfy me. Below is the original recipe IBA.

4 cl. of lemon vodka (or as I did, classic vodka and 1 cl. of limoncello)
1.5 cl. by Cointreau
1.5 cl. of squeezed lime
3 cl. of cranberry juice (cranberry juice)

Put the ingredients in the Boston, shake everything, and serve without ice in a very cold double cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wedge on the rim of the glass. Try and send me your comments on the flavor of this drink.

Watch the video and if you liked it, offer me a coffee, thank you and enjoy it !!

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