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foto-cocktail Sex on the beach 

...a bit of history...

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The history of Sex on the Beach is, like that of many cocktails, rather nebulous to define. During the seventies the use of vodka had a great surge among American consumers; furthermore, towards the end of the decade, the first Peach Schnapps began to be imported. It was therefore between the 70s and the 80s that the first fruity cocktails began to be created, based mainly on Cape Codder and Tequila Sunrise , but no cocktail containing the word sex was created, as it was considered inappropriate in US locales. One of the most successful recipes was the formula described by the well-known guide "Mr. Boston's", also called Peach on the Beach. During the 1987 spring break in Fort Lauderdale, National Distribution, a liquor distribution company, held a competition to sponsor peach schnapp. Ted Pizio, then barman at Confettis, mixed the peach liqueur with vodka, orange juice and cranberry, achieving great success among the patrons. When Ted asked why many young people came to Florida for spring break, the answers were beach and sex: he decided to call the cocktail Sex on the Beach.

Another version of the origin of the name has it that the cocktail was originally called "Fun on The Beach": In Europe, the "Boston's" version had already arrived at the beginning of the eighties, but at that time the midori was not easily available: with the arrival of the simplified version, the cocktail quickly established itself even in the old continent, but changing the name, which no longer had to submit to American moralisms.
Sex on the beach is an international alcoholic cocktail officially recognized by the IBA - International Bartenders Association based on vodka.
Personally I think that the increase in requests for this cocktail is strongly linked to the arrival in Europe of the first series of SEX IN THE CITY where the protagonists met at the bar to sip this cocktail as well as the COSMOPOLITAN.
SEX ON THE BEACH Recipe and Video (my personal interpretation of the recipe)



official recipe IBA - International Bartenders Association 
  • 4 cl Vodka

  • 2 cl Peach schnapps

  • 4 cl Cranberry juice

  • 4 cl Orange juice

Place all ingredients in a highball glass with ice and mix well. Garnish with a slice of orange and fantasy.

If you like it, offer me a coffee ... I would be very grateful 😏

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