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Hi, let's talk today about this cocktail as interesting as - I can say - simple. It is not very well known but some of my English clients ask me often. For a bit of history, I refer you to  

It became part of the IBA coded world cocktails only in 1986 according to my texts and already in 2005 it was gone. For me it is a pity because with such simple ingredients it is possible to create a harmony of completely exceptional aromas and flavors. Some cookbooks bring it back with lime syrup or liqueur, others with fresh lime juice, I prefer fresh juice. In the various recipes you go from 4 to 6 centiliters of gin and as the Latin poet Orazio said "aurea mediocritas", I stick to around 5 cl.

gimlet rotondo

OFFICIAL IBA and AIBES recipe from 1986 (expressed in tenths)
  • 3/10 Lime juice Cordia
  • 7/10 Gin o Vodka
  • Si prepara nello shaker con cubetti di  ghiaccio cristallino e si serve nella coppetta da cocktail ben fredda.
Edition of "Il Barman" by Dilettoso & Co. S.p.A. also official AIBES magazine - April 1987
The preparation is explained in the video and I can add that many times it is not necessary to add many ingredients to create fantastic flavors and aromas, the cocktail has an intense note of undergrowth enhancing the gin but softening its characteristic hard notes,
the whole mixes with an extraordinary intensity. It's a must try !!

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