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DRY MARTINI cocktail.

For me, the king of mixed drinks, a classic that can give as much satisfaction to those who sip it as to those who prepare it. Now I'll explain the video. Recommendation, even if it is never said, perfectly clean hands; as with all the other things that are done in this profession. Prepare the mixing glass and martini glass filled with ice to cool well. Drain the water in the steel glass that you have prepared as a container for stirrers and tweezers. Then pour 1 centiliter of dry vermouth and 6 cl. of gin, a few drops of bitter orange (it is present in some old recipes) and stir quickly but not for long, it would be a disaster if the mixture was watered down. Empty the martini glass of the ice it contains and pour in your preparation; with the tool to cut citrus peel (nº 9 in the photo on the page The barman's tools) cut a nice wide peel and, as I do in the video, squeeze it on the cocktail. The zesto, the lemon oil contained in the peel, will give a fantastic touch to the drink. Rub the edges of the glass as well as I do and after adding the sacred olive the Dry Martini is ready.

I specify that to rub and spray the skin of the lemon there is a way to do it without touching the peel with your fingers but the tradition of the old barmen has the upper hand over me and rituality is very important. Then I will also present this way of operating. To find out more, see Dry Martini cocktail extended

This is a free video, but your contribution, watching the complete video, serves to load me with input to continue in this project driven above all by the desire to express the real love I have for this profession. Thanks !!



If you liked it, offer me a coffee, to entice me to prepare more videos for you. I would be grateful !!

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