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Campari-Campari cocktail.

Blended drink of great character taking into account the simplicity of its preparation. Served in the Campari stand during the 50s and 60s of the last century, on the occasion of the Milan Trade Fair.

foto 1958- allestimento Fiera Campionaria Milano

It was taught to me by an elderly bartender in the 1980s and I continue to offer it with a variant since one of the two ingredients, Cordial Campari, is no longer produced by the company.
There are only two ingredients, the Bitter Camparie and the Cordial Campari which must be replaced by another raspberry distillate.
The proportions are: 2/3 of Bitter Campari and 1/3 of Cordial Campari or better still 7/10 of Bitter and 3/10 of Cordial. The harmony of aromas and flavors that are released is simply spectacular. It is a real shame that Cordial is no longer produced as I am also sorry that Campari itself did not keep track of this drink. I can say that the people I contacted either did not know how to answer me or were not aware of this. I have not even been contacted as I was promised, I am probably just an old fashioned bartender or an old bartender who is not trendy. Shaken and filtered in a martini glass with an orange peel twist it is simply fantastic.

Excellent aperitif and in my opinion also as a digestive. To try !!
  If you liked it, buy me a drink, to entice me to prepare more videos for you. I would be grateful !!

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